Zisa is a Feline and assistant to the Director Skuld Volusia. She appears in the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game)


Zisa is a member of the northern Saberion Clan of the Feline Matriarchate. Orphaned during the Battle of Midgård, she has since been adopted by Skuld as her personal medical student and protege. [1]

Breakout games

She is primarily tasked to treat for the injured Breakout competitors and assist Skuld with her experiments.


She has a very light-shaded blueish fur, adorned with dark-blue markings on her arms, neck and cheeks as well as dark blue-coloured pads. Being from Saberion Clan, she has two nascent, signature saber-toothed fangs. Her eyes are heterochromic, with her right iris being brown and the left being more dark gray. Her standard attire consists of plated top and vest, revealing her midrift as well as reinforced skirt adorned with the Matriarchate insignia. At both of her thighs, she wears an utility belt with attached equipment clips.[1]

Personality & Abilities (From the Author)

Contrary to her Master, Zisa has an easy-going, naive personality and has no outward hatred for the Canines. Gifted in medical studies but being a bit clumsy due to her Saberion upbringing, she nonetheless does her best to support Skuld in her research, while being oblivious to her darker "habits". Despite her clumsiness, she is still both honest and hard- working indidivual striving to impress.


Zisa shares a very close bond with Director Skuld, considering her as a foster mother. [2]


Aesir Chronicles BREAKOUT

Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol1. Meru



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