Royal city of Wadjet is the capital of Spelheim and the current seat of power for its ruler, Queen Qetesh. Situated at the Spelheim's eastern coastline and near the ocean, Wadjet is the most populous and granted, the most pleasurable place to live and make living in all of the Spelheim Desert it governs. [1]


At the middle of the Wadjet lies the Queen's Royal palace and being the largest building in the city, its most iconic landmark. True to the Saurian aesthetics, its buildings are shaped mostly like pyramids with open top-sides and balconies. This allows a comfortable entryway for the winged Ibis Saurians, though regular doors are still a commonplace for the visitors. Under thewatch of the Queen, the city is mostly comfortable to live, yet poverty and destitution is still a norm in some areas. though this being not so much, as the Canine's enclave in Midgård. Knowing this, she constantly makes every effort to improve her subjects standard of living. Two large, sandy-coloured Ibis statues are positioned near the palace gates. Like in Midgård, several walkways connect the city buildings to one another for easy access. [2]


The city is largely inhabited by the native Saurians, especially the Ibis-folk.


The city is governed directly by Queen Qetesh with the support of her son, Crown prince Meru.[2]


Queen Qetesh's Palace

Queen Qetesh's palace is a white-gold pyramidical structure at the center of the city.



Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol.1 Meru


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