Vanaheim is the fertile, western powerbase of the Feline race. Sharing a border with Jotunheim and Spelheim in the north-east, the Feline Matriarchate's home realm is well-positioned to influence the world affairs.[1]


Vanaheim is well-known for its pastural plains, huge stone crag formations and unnaturally savage thunderstorms occuring during the monthly "Scar of the Moon" phenomena. At the northern edge of the land, the green plains give away to the secluded Ratatoskr Vale and north-east at the base of the Jotunheim mountains. Dotting its many serene landscape are many ancient tempes, shrines and secret temples of worship of the old Aesir deities. Temples that the Matriarch now seeks to destroy. It's western coastline is battered by huge freak-waves almost incessantly. [2]


Firmly settled by the felines since the beginning of times, they have nonetheless kept little history of their land.

The Great Race War

Vanaheim becomes a bitter battleground, as the Felines suddenly turn on the Canine-kind across the realm.


Vanaheim is solely governed by the Matriarch and supported by the council of 13 Crests, each overseeing their own section of the land.[3]



Midgård is the capital city of the Matriarchate.

Ratatoskr Vale

Ratatoskr Vale is located at the northern tip of Vanaheim and is the secluded home of the Sabertoothed Sabre-Strain.

Isla Sorum

Isla Sorum is a remote artificial island off the west coast of Vanaheim.


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