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Valkyrie Cadre, also refered as the Matriarchate Special Commando unit or Valkyrie unit, is an all-female armed group operating alongside the Feline Civil Forces militia. Unlike those of the more regular Civil Forces, the Valkyrie Cadre are the feline Director Skuld Volusia's private troops. The Valkyries are recognisable by their unique battle suits, that are adapted to each operative's specialization. [1]


The Great Race War

Battle of Midgård

Valkyries attack the canine command post.

Valkyries attack the canine command post.

At least four Valkyries took part in the battle of Midgård. They were tasked to destroy various canine command posts scattered throughout the enclave, including a post named "Odin". [2]

Training and equipment

The Valkyries that were active during the Battle of Midgård lacked a standard dress code. Instead, they were equipped with unique individual battle suits. They were armed with MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle and Pulse grenade. [3]

Organization and structure


The Valkyrie Corps were organized into Squads, with each squad divided into separate fireteams. For example Lava squad, that took part in the battle of Midgård was comprised of fireteams Scar and Hammer. [4]


• Lava Squad [5]

• Fireteam Scar [6]

• Fireteam Hammer [7]


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