This is an established timeline of Thyran's recorded history. A world historia is divided into "Eras/Ages", with each new one often ends and/or begins with a siqnificant, world-changing event. A standard Thyran year is twelve months long, with 30 days each. Days are unnamed and are represented as numbers.

Month names

01. Freya’s Coven

02. Skuldrise

03. First Balance

04. Hoori’s Reap

05. Kagutsutchi’s Carnival

06. Second Balance

07. Tsukiomi’s Harvest

08. Loki’s Courage

09. Thoth’s Wisdom

10. Third Balance

11. Unnamed Moon

12. Saga’s Power


Second Era (E2)

  • Queen Qetesh sends her son, Prince Meru to a sudden diplomatic reception in Midgård.[1]

Third Era (E3)

  • Through means unknown, The Feline Matriarch awakens the canine-, and feline races from the Aesir influence. Weapons caches are unlocked throughout Midgård, previously disguised as the medical containers.[2]

The Battle of Midgård

  • Great Race War begins between the canines and the Feline Matriarchate.[1]
  • In response to the Matriarch's machinations, the Crystal Guard Cultists attack Midgård.[1]
  • Canine leader Odin, flees Midgård.
  • Canine survivor, Artika Tempest-Fur, forms a resistance movement and begins to evacuate his people from the city.[2]
  • Prince Meru arrives on Midgård.[1]
  • Armed felines storm the Canine District and the resistance forces are overrun.[2]
  • Last canine evacuation transport is shot down by feline's T1-A Shira Interceptors. Meru, Artika, Tatl and Rixli are captured, and are coerced to participate to the upcoming "Breakout"- games.[1]
  • Crystal Guard Cultists are defeated.

Post-Battle of Midgård


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