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Tiklata is a village located in the swamplands of the Fensalir Evermire. It is the home town of Rixli Poor-Hatch. [1]


Typical to the denizens of the Fensalir, Tiklata is built inside a hollowed out, gargantuan tree stump. The structures are likewise carved out of the surrounding wood. Tiklata has at least two gates that lead out of the village, with the stump itself reinforced by a gray metal plating. Aside the dwellings, the village has an active marketplace that sells various fish, such as Garanna. [2]


Pre- Great Race War

Rixli worked as hunter for the village with his friend Quill. The two sought to acquire an 'offering' from the nearby swamp to leave the village for a better life abroad. A visiting trader, Gray 55-27 accepted Rixli's offering. Thus, he was finally able to leave his village behind for a journey to Midgård. Quill However, chose to stay in the village for a time, as Gray's terraglider had no room for two passengers. [3]


Tiklata is mostly populated by Fensalir's native scaali folk. [4]


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