World of Thyran, or Thyra is a central set-piece of the Aesir Chronicles universe. Thyra’s population is divided into three major Racial Generas, each consisting a variety of a smaller strains. In terms of geography, Thyra consists the central realms of Vanaheim, Jotunheim, Spelheim and Niflheim, in addition to the southern Iron Woods of Jandvidr and Fensalir Evermire to form a rich and diverse biome.[1]


Flora and Fauna are diverse, ranging from frigid mountains and searing Desert lands to deep woodlands, marshes and beyond. The most numerous of the Thyran wildlife is the wild Gryphon, whose multitude of breedings have adapted well to their surrounding environments to form many breeds, such Sand Gryphons. Thyra is circled by two moons, Lune-Titanis (Prime Moon) and Lune-Minaris (Second Moon). The larger of the two, Lune-Titanis, being the catalyst of the monthly “Scar of the Moon”-, an event that triggers extreme global weather phenomena, such as fierce thunderstorms and an inbearably scorching desert heat.[1]


Lune-Minaris, Lune-Titanis during the "Scar of the Moon"-phenomena.



Vanaheim is the fertile, western powerbase of the Feline race. Sharing a border with Jotunheim and Spelheim in the north-east, the Feline Matriarchate's home realm is well-positioned to influence the world affairs.[2]


Jotunheim is the original homeland of the canine race. It is encircled by a jagged coastline in the realm's north, south and east. It's western border is landlocked with Spelheim Desert and Vanaheim. The population consist almost entirely of wildlife, such as Ice Gryphons and its gargantuan cousin, the Colossal Gryphon. Most of the old canine settlements have since weathered into ruin, leaving behind but ruins.[3]


Spelheim is a desert realm that covers much of the central Thyra, sharing the border with the feline realm of Vanaheim in the west and the ancestral canine homeland of Jotunheim in the north-east. In south of the land, lie the vast forests and marshlands of the Fensalir Evermire.[4]

Fensalir Evermire

Fensalir Evermire is a swamp-realm at the Thyra's southern hemisphere. It shares its borders with the Jarnvidr Iron Woods and the Spelheim Desert on the north and the Niflheim Ice Wastes to the south.[5] [6]

Jarnvidr Iron Woods




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