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Tatl is Saurian Nagai Merchant in pursuit of the fabled Headpiece of Thoth. He is a playable character in the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game).


Merchant Tatl is well-throughout the land known for his collection of ill-gotten small artefacts and priceless relics. Seeking the legendary Headpiece of Thoth, a lost Saurian heirloom, his quest leads him to the Feline Matriarchate capital city of Midgård. He has deep connections to the Raven Syndicate Trade Guild and maintains a lawful front, carrying a little concern for the “provenience” of his items. [1]

Breakout Games

Captured towards the end of the opening battle of the Great Race War, Tatl is approach by Director Skuld and being equally interested in the headpiece, offers her aid in exchange for his partipication to the Breakout games. [2]


A snake-like Nagai merchant, Tatl carries an outfit well-suited for his native desert & swamp environment, consisting of light leather coverings with several bandolier-like belt across his lengthy body with a large backpack, along with multiple utility pouches. At his arms are two metal clasps

Personality & Abilities

Dishonest and experienced Merchant, he knows his customers well and always has a riveting story for the acquisition of his goods. [3]


Raven Syndicate

Tatl maintains a business relationship with the Raven Syndicate, a world-encircling Trade Guild.


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