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Taaryn is a feline individual active during the Great Race War as part of the Matriarchate Civil Forces.


Taaryn served as a militia commander during the Battle of Midgård and led the feline's siege, and subsequent attack on the city's canine sector.[1]


The Great Race War

Battle of Midård

Taaryn led the feline militia forces during the battle. A large force under his/her command made a full frontal assault on the canine sector to draw the defenders away. This allowed for Skuld's covert strike team bypass the resistance defence lines and invade the enclave. At the final stages of the battle , Taaryn's advance team managed to pin the last evacuation transport to the auxillary hangar. Is it unknown, if Taaryn was personally leading the assault.[2]

Aftermath of the Battle of Midgård.

While present in the Canine Sector, Taaryn was seen informing Director Skuld of a saurian mercenary ship that had crashed near a perimeter wall.[3]



Taaryn is dark-furred Smilodon, characterized by white saber-shaped teeth. His/her eyes, inner ears and tail-tip are matching dark grayish red. Attire-wise, Taaryn wears a set of red shoulder pads and chest armour.[4]

Personality & Abilities

Taaryn is indicated to be courteous and respectful feline, who chooses his/her words carefully. As a militia commander, Taaryn also enjoys a close access to Director Skuld Volusia. Skuld in return, seems to be on relaxed terms with Taaryn, even addressing the commander on a first-name basis. Due to being overall commander of the Midgårdian Civil Forces and Skuld's trusted officer, Taaryn is a reliable and calm-headed individual. [5]


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