T1-A Shira- class Interceptor, also known as Shira-class Fighter is the primary fighter aircraft deployed by the Feline Matriarchate at the onset of the Great Race War. [1] Essentially a militarized personal aircraft, the Shira was readily available in great numbers and with surprisingly little modifications required to adapt her frame into a combat use.


T1-A Shira Features a dart-like chassis equipped with a backward swept wings and a single engine. The wing tips feature a pod-like gravity stabilizers. A single ventral MA-p1 Pulse Cannon is attached beneath the cockpit. Unusually, the pilot operates the aircraft from a prone position to withstand the highter g-forces and to make full use of the Feline's natural flexibilty.[2][3]


Pre-Great Race War (From the Author)

Before the Great Race War T1-A Shira was used as an ordinary personal vehicle, without the ventral Pulse Cannon attachment.

Great Race War

Battle of Midgård

In a dire need to combat The Crystal Guard Temple Cruisers, a number of personal air vehicles were converted to the military use and installed with the captured Pulse Cannons. They were also used to attack and destroy several Canine evacuation Transports.[2][3]




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