Spelheim is a desert realm that covers much of the central Thyra, sharing the border with the feline realm of Vanaheim in the west and the ancestral canine homeland of Jotunheim in the north-east. In south of the land, lie the vast forests and marshlands of the Fensalir Evermire. [1]


Spelheim is best described as schorching wasteland of opportunity. Being dominated by sand and dunes. Although by itself a desert, her eastern coastline is met by serene waters of the coastline. the eastern coast is also where the most of the population is centered, particularly around the capital city of Wadjet. Due to its locations it serves as a neutral buffer between Jotunhein and Vanaheim. [2]

Climate-wise, Spelheim is incredibly hot and beset with frequent sandstorms.


Much of Spelheim's ancient past is literally buried in sand and a fair game for any adventurers who dwell into the forgotten ruins and dangerous temples that crown her barren landscape. Through most of its recorded history, the land has been settled by the Saurian people, especially the Ibis-kind. Though some canine and feline colonists have also made their way to the realm, transforming the Spelheim into a cultural melting pot of customs and traditions. [2]


The realm of Spelheim is ruled by a tradition of sole Monarchy with the current Queen, Qetesh as the acting head of Government. Her son Prince Meru is the Crown prince and heir to the throne.



Wadjet is capital city of Spelheim being the largest city of the realm, its crown jewel, Queen Qetesh's Royal palace is also located on Wadjet and overseeing the surrounding area.[2]



Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol1. Meru


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