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Skuld Volusia is a Feline and the Matriarchate's leading medical & technological genius. She appears as the primary antagonist of the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game).


Skuld is a member of the Volusia Clan of the Feline Matriarchate and has set up her underground bio-research facility in the Andlang Citadel at the city of Midgård. She is a member of the 13 Crests, a group of high-ranking Feline leaders.


The Great Race War

Breakout games

At the outbreak of the Great Race War, she has begun to collect various prisoners of war to be used on her technological experiments, such as Prince Meru of the Saurian Dynasty. [1]


She has a fair, light-gray fur and raven-coloured, shaggy hair that extends well into her shoulders. Her eyes are yellow and she had three vertical scars that extend across her left eye She has a prosthetic tail and generally wears a medical/mechanic overalls and black gloves, suggesting an utmost passion for her craft.

Personality & Abilities

She is a proud, hyper-intelligent woman who enjoyes in excerting mental & physical control over herCanine and Saurian captives. Most of her "hands-on" research is focused at enhancing their combat potential by testing experimental technologies on prisoners. Thus, revealing a deep-rooted belief of Feline's superiority at the expense of the other races. Being a sponsor of the Breakout Games, she also has a vain side in her by having her test-subjects compete against one another, simply for the Feline's sport.


Despite her outward cruelty and callous nature, Skuld exhibits a mysterious, motherly connection to the young Feline orphan, Zisa Arceth-Saberion, whom she has taken as her personal protege and apprentice.[2]


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