Saurians are classed more as a genus umbrella than a single race, yet share in enough similarities to be a single genetic pool. They are comprised of serpent-like Nagai, avian Ibis and serpentive Scaali sub-groups. Saurians mostly inhabit the central Spelheim Desert and Thyra's southern forests and marshlands. Divided and contested in rule, Saurians mostly keep to themselves and make their living through trade and the crafting of their world-famous jewelry as well as exotic outfits. Lacking a unified military, each group and even a settlement has its own collection of Security Forces to protect only it and nothing more.[1]

Biology and Appearance

Saurians are sentient and with the exception of Nagai, bipedal. The Scaali and Nagai have a protective scale hide, while Ibis posses a feather growth. They have two arms. Their arms end in palm with five fingers including opposable thumbs. Saurian claws are non-retractable. Scaali posses a tail, as well as several blade-like bones protruding from their bodies. Size-wise, Ibis and Scaali are roughly comparable to Feline-, and Canines races while Nagai can grow to a very large specimen with age.


Avian-like Ibis are led by Queen Qetesh and mostly inhabit the central Spelheim Desert. Able to fly freely with their wings, the Ibis are mostly tuned to the air and their open cities are constructed with that philosophy in mind. Ibis engineers are also renowned for their aesthetic airship designs. [2]


Scaali are comprised of nomadic tribes living the southern Thyran marshlands of Fensalir. Adept crafters and artesands, the Scaali generally make their living selling jewelry and finely-weaved outfits.


Nagai are natural-borne traders, with honest and dishonest qualities alike. They are known to crave ancient relics, pursue their whereabouts with a feverous stubborn and then sell them off as their own for a quick profit. Inhabiting the pyramid-cities of Jarnvidr Woods, some have chosen to leave their remote homeland and join the Raven Syndicate as travelling merchants and scouts. [1]

Society and Culture

Saurians are led by elected individuals of respect such as Queen Qetesh, who have earned the people's respect through a specialized pilgrimage. Their culture is strongly attuned to the various forms of ritual dances for a variety of occasions. Worship of the local Aesir deity, Hoori is done in private due to the Matriarchate ban to the religion.



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