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Rixli Poor-Hatch is Saurian Scaali, born in the deep marshlands of the Fensalir Evermire at the village of Tiklata. He is a playable character in the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game).


Desperate to see the surrounding world and to make a name for himself, Rixli hitched a ride aboard a visiting trader's Terraglider to the Feline City of Midgård. Having arrived at Midgård, he found the city incredibly wealthy but keen only to receive its feline masters. [1]


Pre- Great Race War

Rixli accompanied his friend Quill on a search for food and to obtain offerings to the visiting Raven Syndicate trader, named Gray 55-27. Amid the search, they stumbled upon the Crystal Guard temple grounds and were peacefully, if very quickly turned back. The cultists also provided the two saurians a talking guide gryphons, Freki, to expedite the process. During the journey, Freki gave him and one Yggdrasil crystal each. Having made their way to Tiklata Village, the two made haste as the trader was leaving on the other side of the settlement. However, only Rixli was pushed to leave as the trader's terraglider was too small for both of them. [2]

At one point during their journey to Midgård, Rixli witnessed the massive mobile shipyard of Eternipiece on the sky. [3]

Having arrived on Midgård, Rixli was set of with a mission to sell Gray's goods and meet him at the canine sector afterwards. At this point, the felines suddenly turned on the city's canid population and the Great Race War begun. [4]

The Great Race War

Rixli escaped the chaos and fell into the open cargo shaft to the labyrinthine Midgård underground. Therein, he briefly spied on the feline Civil Forces unit waiting for director Skuld in a preparation to breach directly into the canine sector. Having made his way to canine sector, Rixli was too excited about his sales to warn the rebels of the attack. Pushed into the last transport, it was promptly shot out of the sky by feline's aircraft. Rixli was captured soon afterwards and brought to Skuld. [5]

Enticed with credits by the feline director, Rixli had no problem agreeing to take part to the Breakout competition.[6]

Breakout Games

At the Outbreak of the Great Race War, Rixli was captured and with the enticement of the riches offered, agreed to join the Breakout games to make a name for himself. [7]


He is a green-skinned Saurian with several bone-like protrusions and horns, as well as several patches of feathers visible on his body. He has yellow slit eyes and small, dark markings in his cheeks. At his tail is a hook-like blade. Outfit-wise, he wears simple, tattered leather-wrap adorned with his village's symbol and carries all of his belongings in a large gourd.

Personality & Abilities (From the Author)

"Despite his less-fortunate upbringing, Rixli is a positive individual and is always on the lookout for an opportunity, be it fresh food or a remote change to travel and see the world of Thyra"


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