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Quill was a male scaali, who is a close friend of Rixli Poor-Hatch.


Quill worked as a hunter for the Village of Tiklata, often taking the less-experiences Rixli along for his regular hunt for food. Like his friend, he took wants to leave his village behind to see a better life abroad. [1]


Pre- Great Race War

Quill reluctantly accepts a crystal offering from Freki.

Quill reluctantly accepts a crystal offering from Freki.

During the regular hunting trip, Quill and Rixli lose themselves into the Pale Marshes. At the swamps, they are confronted by at least two Crystal Guard cultists, who promptly send the duo back to their village with a guide gryphon, Freki. While returning to Tiklata, Freki offers Quill an offering crystal for the visiting trader. Quill reluctantly accepts the gift, despite recognizing the Yggdrasil crystal as holy. [2]

At the village, Quill and Rixli catch up with a leaving trader, Gray 55-27. Realizing that his terraglider is too small for two additional passengers, Quill opts to stay behind and follow him to Midgård later. [3]


Quill has a chalky skin and a shield-like bone crest atop his head. He has six small horns arranged in rows of three at the both sides of his head. Eyes are coloured gray/light gray. [4]

Personality & Abilities

Quill is an experiences hunter, unlike his happy-go-lucky companion Rixli. He warns his friends of the dangers of the swamp, particularly the Pale Marshes and urges not to go there again, indicating the two had been there earlier. He is skilled in the use of a rudimentary powered spear, that is connected to his harness via a cable. Due to this, the spear cannot be thrown and is a melee weapon only. [5]


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