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Queen Qetesh is the mother of Prince Meru and the ruler of the Spelheim Desert realm.

Biography (From the Author)

"Queen Qetesh is head of the Saurian Royal Family. She contends for the rule of the entire Saurian-kind with King Ra and High-King Coatl, both of whom she shares a heated rivalry with."

Breakout games

She sends her son, Meru at her stead to the vital diplomatic reception held at the Feline realm of Vanaheim. She tasks her son to find out the reason for the sudden gathering of the 13 Crests, the most influential Feline Clan Leaders, intending to use her son's inexperience as a bait and instucts him to be wary of the Matriarch's "predatory" tactics. [1]


She is fair, light- cream tanned Avian with a towering statue of 2,10m. Her eyelids have yellow painting. Her tail-feathers extend into a fan-like formation that extend well into her neck. She also has a large hair-appendage that is attached to her crown.Unlike her son, Meru, she has no wings. Attire-wise, she has a pair of gleaming metal gauntlet at her arm and Royal crown to symbolize her position, though she doesn't always appear to wear it. Her robe has a single support strap and a belt that carries a pouch.

Personality & Abilities

She is loving and kind to all of he subjects and especially to her son, instructing him to be vary of the Matriarch. She is however, even more dedicated in maintaining the political balance between the competing realms, while being able to take great personal risks in assuring so. As such, she is willing to take advantage of his son's inexperience to gather information. [2]


Prince Meru

She loves Meru very deeply, but is not above in using him as a bait to discreetly gather information for the good of her realm. The Feline Matriarchate's capture of her son, however forces her to declare Spelheim a neutral territory. [3]


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