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Prince Meru is the son of ruler of the Spelheim Desert realm, Queen Qetesh. He appears as a playable character in the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game)


Prince Meru Al'dani is part of the Saurian Royal Family, based on the City of Wadjet at theSpelheim Desert.

Breakout games

Accompanied by a Spelheim Royal Guard, he is sent by his mother, Queen Qetesh, to the sudden diplomatic reception held at the Feline realm of Vanaheim. On approach to the Feline Capital, their Shu-class Courier Ship is met by a fleet of heavily damaged Canine transports and unable to contact Spelheim, notice the city is in flames. At Meru's insistence he and his Royal Guard set out into the city to search for the Matriarch, only to find that the city has become a warzone between the Crystal Guard Cultist and the armed Feline militia troops. Feline Sniper shoots the Royal Guard and Meru in panic over the recent events, runs away.[1]

Some time later, Meru runs into the Canine resistance group leb by Artika Tempest-Fur and is persuaded to accompany them to the last evacuation transport set to leave the city. He is however, captured and later forced to compete in the Breakout, a series of live survival games in order to ensure Spelheim's neutrality in the Great Race War. [2]


In a typical Ibis- fashion found on Spelheim, his fur and feathers are coloured in various shades of sandy-yellow and are often adorned with small, gleaming crystal gems as a symbol of royalty. Unlike his mother, he has grown wings. Attire- wise, he wears a simple vest and shendyt-type Kilt with six gemstones as ornaments. His beak has two shades of orange and the left eye is usually covered by hair.

Personality & Abilities

Due to his sheltered upbringing, young age and regimented lifestyle as a Royal prince, Meru has little actual experience on the world outside of his native desert realm. While well-meaning and wishing to make his mother proud, more often than not it is his inexperience and self-overestimation that has the tendency to land him into trouble. While possessing wings, he has not show any ability to actually fly. Despite his lack of experience in the field, he has learned some way of diplomacy from his mother, including royal etiquette and behaviour.


Queen Qetesh

Meru loves his mother Queen Qetesh above all else and wishes to prove himself worthy of her throne. He often takes unnecessary and thoughtless risks to prove it.


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