Midgård is the technologically advanced capital city-state of the Feline Matriarchate. A veritable supercity, it stretches from her vast sky-spires to the outlying slums of the Canine Sector. Even further beneath the city lie the long-forgotten and decaying maze of service tunnels and sewer canals. Always in the state of re-development, its citizens know only too well, that the sacrifice of one block is duly necessary to create another.


Perched atop its highest peak, the skyline is dominated by the Andlang Citadel. Citadel, being the residence of the Matriarch, is the landmark of the city and its most famous sight. It serves as the hub of national transport and travel, being the center station of the Vanaheim-wide Hyperloop Trans-system. Aside transportation services, it serves as the equal hub of the global commerce technology and education.[1]

Climate-wise, Midgård was mild and somewhat rainy, yet prone to the savage thunderstorms.


Great Race War

Battle of Midgård

At the outbreak of the Great Race War, the city was attacked by the Crystal Guard cultists, seeking to arrest the Feline Matriarch for her declaration of war against their Aesir Gods. The city suffered large-scale damage during the, especially on the Canine Sector. Outmatched, the surviving Canines rallied at the slums but were ultimately overwhelmed.[1]


The city is largely inhabited by the Felines and Canines, with both races having their own respective areas of population.


Midgård thrives on the rule solely administered by the Feline Matriarch.[1]


Andlang Citadel

Andlang Citadel is the Matriarch's centre of administration and control. Overlooking the adjacent Sea of Aegir, the Citadel is both the Midgård's most important landmark, as well as the symbol of the Feline's far-reaching power.[2]

Administration Sector

The Administration Sector contains the city’s cherished elite officiary. Its privileged inhabitants can live out their entire lives, by literally never stepping a foot into the surrounding Business Sector.[2]

Business Sector

The Business Sector contains the majority of her Feline population. While very comfortable to live, the everyday citizen’s life there is often cramped, due to the District’s strictly-enforced population cap and the overtly-efficient use of living space.[2]

Quarantine Sector

The Quarantine Sector contain the city's poor Canines, living in aged habitational blocks and self-made improvised shacks.

Security Barrier

City is surrounded by a gigantic security wall. Contained within the length of the armoured barrier is her formidable garrison base, multiple airship docking glamps and series of heavy defense grid battery emplacements.[2]



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