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The Matriarchate Civil Forces, also referered as the Matriarchate Civil Defence Forces are groups of hastily armed militia teams established at the beginning of the Great Race War.[1]


Feline Matriarchate Civil Forces are an assorted group of loyalist fighters, armed with military-grade firepower and an eagerness to dispense it. The Civil Forces personal equipment is composed of a variety of a protective vests, day-to-day outfits and headgear. The weapons range from anything between their claws to the advanced MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle's. The quality of the gear depends on what they could get their hands from the disguised weapon caches throughout the city.[2]

Government and Organization

Beyond the matriarch's direct orders, the Civil Force is led by a feline individual named Taaryn. [3]

The Great Race War

Battle of Midgård

At Midgård, the incited Civil Force militias quickly and near-instinctively took up arms, attacking canines and Crystal Guard cultists alike.


Civil Forces team is waiting for Director Skuld in the Midgård underground.


The Civil forces surround the last canine transport.


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