Matriarchate Civil Forces, also referered as the Matriarchate Civil Defence Forces are groups of hastily armed militia teams established at the beginning of the Great Race War.[1]


Feline Matriarchate Civil Forces are an assorted group of loyalist fighters, armed with military-grade firepower and an eagerness to dispense it. The Civil Forces personal equipment is composed of a variety of a protective vests, day-to-day outfits and headgear. The weapons range from literally anything that's between their claws and top-of-the-line MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle's. The quality of the gear depends on what they could get their hands from the disguised weapon caches throughout the city.[2]

Goverment and Organization

Beyond the Matriarch's direct orders, the Civil Force lacks any official command structure, with most decisions being made on the basis of sheer feline-instinct and gut-feeling.[1]



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