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The MUUPA (MU-Utility Patrol/Assault) - line or MUUPA-series is a series of biomechanical military drones, distinguished by their red optical sensors. There existed several variants for a number of specific variants, such as scouting.


MU-UTility Pet/Assistant

A precursor to the weaponized quadrupedal models was produced before the Great Race War, innocuously dubbed MU-Utility Pet/Assistant, as not to cause alarm among the populace. They were reprogrammed during the battle of Midgård to pursue the fleeing canines. [1]

Military Prototypes

Four experimental prototypes were set loose on the city during the battle of Midgård. The prototype MUUPA's were designed by Director Skuld Volusia.

Quadrupedal strike MUUPA was used to defend the Andlang Citadel grounds from the Crystal Guard attack. It was an outwardly similar to its precursor, the Pet/Assistant model, but was armed with a medium pulse cannon. It's secondary weapon was its mechanical tail. [2]

Aerial MUUPA was designed for surveillance and psychological warfare. [3]

Tripod MUUPA was created to traverse a hard terrrain with ease, such as mountains. [4]

Scout MUUPA was sent to Midgård's ventilation system to locate hidden canine resistance strongpoints. It was also tasked to gather intelligence from the behind enemy lines. [5]


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