Jotunheim is the original homeland of the canine race. It is encircled by a jagged coastline in the realm's north, south and east. It's western border is landlocked with Spelheim Desert and Vanaheim. The population consist almost entirely of wildlife, such as Ice Gryphons and its gargantuan cousin, the Colossal Gryphon. Most of the old canine settlements have since weathered into ruin, leaving behind but ruins. [1]


In a direct contrast to the neighboring Spelheim Desert, Jotunheim is beset by a winter unending. The realm is constantly eroded by violent blizzards, low temperatures and strong winds alike. Having been abandoned long ago due to a terrible plague that ravaged the land, no canine has since set foot into the realm in a fear of infection. [1]


At an unknown time in the past, the Canine-kind lived in Jotunheim.

The Great Race War

Evacuating en-masse from the Feline land of Vanaheim, the surviving Canines have since set on a journey to return to their ancestral home. [2]


Due to being considered abandoned, the realm lacks the formal governmental body of any kind.



Utgård is the lost Canine capital of Jotunheim, hidden somewhere in the realm.


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