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The Headpiece of Thoth is a long-lost saurian national heirloom. [1]


The headpiece of Thoth is a large royal diadem, with cheek guards and a feather-shaped forehead ournament. it has green visor for an eye protection. The visor covers both eyes or optionally, the right eye only. At forehead are two engravements resembling saurian nostrils. The front itself is shaped like a beak. Material-wise, the Headpiece is made of an unknown yellow metal. [2]


Pre- Great Great Race War

At some point in time, the Headpiece was lost from its original possession. Feline Director Skuld Volusia also developed a keen interest to the Headpiece at this time. A fact that did not escape the Spelheim's royal court. The Raven Syndicate was contracted in finding the artefact by two distinct customers. The Syndicate executive Czheeva sent a merchant Tatl to rendezvous with Gray 55-27 on Midgård, who had a lead on the treasure. Based on Gray's knowledge the current bearer of the Headpiece was saurian exile from the lost realm of Alfheim. [3]

The Great Race War

The Battle of Midgård

The exile, having revealed to be a mercenary, was shot down during the battle and crashed near the city's perimeter wall. Skuld, having learned of the crash and possessing some knowledge of the quarry, proceeded to add the artefact to her collection. [4]

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