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The Gungnir is a spear-like artefact.


Gungnir has a silvery-finish, with a single purple crystal ornament along the upper end, along with three bladed protrusions. At lower end is a single large tip-blade. The Spear holds some notable power, as the feline director Skuld Volusia refused a valkyrie escort and chose to use it instead. It relies on another artefact, the Necklace of Brisingamen to charge it with a constant supply of power. [1]


Gugnir has the power to disable mechanical constructs, such as a canine transport. [2]


Pre- Great Race War

The Gungnir was stored in the Andlang Citadel. It was ordered confiscated by the High Priestess of the Crystal Guard. The task was given to an individual named Saga. [3]

Great Race War

The Battle of Midgård

The Gungnir was later wielded by Skuld, having presumably either reclaimed, or thwarted the Crystal Guard's efforts to seize it altogether. She was familiar enough in its strength to attempt to disable a canine transport. It run out of charge however, prompting Skuld to to either charge it her own way, or by finding the fragments of Brisingamen. [4]


Skuld wields Gungnir during the Battle of Midgård.



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