The Great Race War is a name given to an armed military conflict between the forces of the Feline Matriarchate and the Canine Coalition.


Prelude to War

Prior to the conflict, the Matriarch summoned her loyalists to Midgård and in the passionate speech, declared an open insurrection against the Aesir Gods and their Crystal Guard Cultist. Through unknown means, the Matriarch released the Canine and Feline-kind from the Aesir's influence and unleashed war on Thyra. The Crystal Guard retaliated by openly besieging Midgård and settings a stage for the Great Race War.

Armed Felines slaughter the Crystal Guard Cultists.


The Great Race War

The Battle of Midgård

At nightfall during the diplomatic reception, the Felines suddenly turned on the unsupecting Canine population. The latter, swiftly armed by a previously-hidden caches of weapons hidden in a medical pods through the city were able to quickly round up countless Canines. Throughout the night, the Canine survivors, led by Artika Tempest-Fur began to organize a resistance and made at least one succesful foray to the Feline-held Medical Site S-2. Despite their best efforts, the Canine's makeshift defences were ultimately overrun and their last remaining command post, Command Post Alpha was captured by the Feline Fireteam Scar.[1] The battle, while resulting in a clear Feline victory, allowed many Canine Transports to escape with a large portion of their population.[2]


Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol1. Meru

Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol2. Artika


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