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Gray 55-27 -- or Gray is a male canine merchant at the employ of the Raven Syndicate trade guild.


Gray 55-27 is a travelling trader, hauling goods from one place to another with his terraglider. One of his regular routes runs between Fensalir Evermire and Midgård.


Pre- Great Race War

Gray met Rixli Poor-Hatch during his visit to the village of Tiklata at the Fensalir Evermire. He accepted the scaali's offer of a purple Yggdrasil-Crystal in return for a ticket to Midgård.


At some point during the journey, Rixli agreed to become his prospect trader. During a night at the Jarnvidr Iron Woods, Gray secretly contacted Czheeva to finalize his tutorship with Rixli and to presumably arrange his later meeting with Tatl. [1]


While at the southern Vanaheim plains, Gray and Rixli witnessed the Eternipiece Shipyards in the sky. [2]

Arriving in Midgård, Gray left Rixli with a set of merchandise to be sold and departed to attend to his business with Tatl. During his meeting with a nagai, he revealed that the person carrying the Headpiece of Thoth was an alfheimian exile. The information, he claimed, came from an ibis tavern girl. Before anything more could be said, Gray was hit by a sudden wave of nausea and headache. [3]

The Great Race War

Battle of Midgård

Gray and Tatl found themselves trapped in the city's canine sector. To make some do with the situation, the two decided to sell some improvised weapons to the local canines. The plan backfired, when the local canines began to loot their stores rather than pay for them. Things were complicated by Tatl, who resorted in trying to steal one of Gray's 'Boomslings', an improvised munitions launcher. [4]

At dawn, Rixli also arrived to the besieged enclave, prompting Gray to leave for Spelheim desert in any of the remaining transports. As the felines stormed the canine sector in force, the remaining resistance fighters made a hasty retreat. During the withdrawal, the corridor collapsed, leaving Gray cut off from Rixli and Tatl. Gray urged the two to return to the Spelheim desert and report to the executive Czheeva. [5]


Gray wore a light beige cowl and a solid cap that covered his facial features down to the snout, presumably to maintain anonymity. His fur is dark-gray, with visible perky ears. The left ear has a light gray bandanna strap around it. [6]

Personality & Abilities

Gray has representative personality, wary of revealing more information than need-to-know basis parameters. Outside of business however, he is more open and partaking to the events around him, such as being visible excited to see Eternipiece Shipyards and defending Rixli from the accusation of being a feline spy. [7] Ability-wise, Gray is an inventive enough to assemble crude melee weapons, or even a functional munitions launcher from everyday items. He also carried a drone to keep an eye on his prospects. [8]


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