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Freki was the Crystal Guard - affiliated sand gryphon active before the Great Race War.


Freki was stationed at the Crystal Guard ritual site in Fensalir Evermire. Posessing a rudimentary ability to speak, his duties included escorting wayward travellers away from the temple grounds. [1]


Pre- Great Race War

Freki is sent to escort Rixli and Quill back to Tiklata.

Freki is sent to escort Rixli and Quill back to Tiklata.

Freki was sent to escort Rixli Poor-Hatch and Quill away from the Crystal Guard ritual site, the two having erroneously gotten lost during their search for food and offerings. During the journey back to Tiklata, Freki gaves Yggdrasil crystal - gems, or glowstones to duo as offerings to the visiting trader Gray 55-27. [2]


Freki has a sandy- coloured chest, cheeks, ears and abdomen. Rest of the body has a dominantly brown colour-sceme. The beak is yellow and eyes are in green shade. Equipment-wise, Freki carries a backpack with two pouches. [3]

Personality & Abilities

Freki has a friendly disposition on "outsiders". He is responsible guide and somewhat proud of his ability of to speak, even if it's rudimentary. He is also willing to help Rixli and Quill with offerings, despite some worry that Quill considered them holy. [4]


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