Fensalir Evermire is a swamp-realm at the Thyra's southern hemisphere. It shares its borders with the Jarnvidr Iron Woods and the Spelheim Desert on the north and the Niflheim Ice Wastes to the south. [1]


Fensalir is a humid marshland, populated mostly by the native Scaali-folk. Consisting of treacherous wetlands, the populace has literally crafted its settlements inside the massive tree-trunks that dot the landscape. The region has no formal capital, with every settlement, such as Tiklata, enjoying the de-facto independence as well as an economic responsibility. Due to the Fensalir's remote nature, most of the trade is done by the agents of Raven Syndicate trade guild. In return of various exotic goods, they bring in much of the day-to-day technology not available for a manufacture. [2]

History (From the Author)

Due to the common lack of stored archieves, most of the region's history is passed on by storytellers and a local Sha'tec. A vision-people of a particular settlement.


Unlike for example, Vanaheim, Fensalir does not maintain a permanent capital city nor any governmental body. Instead, the ruling status rotates on a regular basis between the settlements and their ruling Chieftains. Although technically a protectorate of the Jarnvidr Iron Woods and its Scaali-King Quetzalcoatl, the Fensalir is mostly independent of the outside influence. The mire also hides sunken temples and places of worship for the Crystal Guard cultists. [2]



Tiklata is the home-town of the Rixli Poor-Hatch. [3]



Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol3. Rixli (TBA)


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