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The felines are a race of sentient, bipedal beings inhabiting the Thyra's western realm of Vanaheim. Naturally attuned to the art of war and progress, they engage in a wide-area of pursuits from medication to developing advanced weapons to serve their infatuation for technologal applications. [2]

Biology and Appearance

Felines are an intelligent race of bipedal humanoid beings. They come in two sexes, male and female. They have two arms and legs. Their arms end in a padded palm with five fingers including an opposable thumb that end in short, retractable claws. The feline's digitigrade legs end in four clawed toes. They have a tail, muzzle, and set of two eyes and ears as well as whiskers. Felines have a relatively short fur with varying patterns of spots. The felines come in a several breeds or "strains" including Panther, Smilodon and Cheetah, each with a slight difference both in biology and general appearance.[3]


The most common of the feline strains, the Panthers have a relatively medium body structure and pinkish muzzle snout, with no visible puff of fur at their tailtips.[4]


Naturally well-built and physically strongest strain, the Smilodons are the feline's heavy-haulers, able to carry extreme loadouts over long distances, such as support weaponry. Aside an impressive physique, the most visible traits are a pair of imposing sabertooth protruding from their muzzles. The Smilodon tails are thick in fur with large puff of fur at the tail-tip.[5]


The most lithe and swiftest of the feline strains, the Cheetah are known for their keen eyes and superior reflexes, making them ideal pilots, scouts as well as snipers. They have long, thin tails that end in a light puff of fur. They have noticeably longer legs than their other kin with differences between male and female Cheetah being surprisingly minimal.[6]

Society and Culture

Being a matriarchal society, the upper echelon of feline leadership is made by a group of officials called the Crests. The Crests in turn, are led by the matriarch. [7] Being deeply technologist culture, they strive to improve and develop ever more complex and advanced devices. This is especially true to their natural view of other races, seeing them as not deserving the technology they’ve developed. Sometimes, even using them to testbed new inventions, harmless or otherwise. Felines, such as the Feline Matriarchate Medical Director Skuld Volusia, are also more willing to supplement or replace their limbs and tails with more advanced prosthetics [8] Since the outbreak of the Great Race War, the worship of the aesir deities has been altogether banned.



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