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The Crystal Guard High Priestess -- or High Priestess is an unnamed high-ranking feline in the Crystal Guard organization.


A mysterious individual, the Crystal Guard High Priestess is the overall commander in the Crystal Guard leadership. [1]


Pre-Great Race War

The High Priestess contacted her cultist legion through a holographic transmission, informing them that she had been denied to partake in upcoming "Aggregation of Fryea's Love" ceremony. She implied her refusal was the denial of the whole Aesirarchy itself. Promising to notify her unseen 'masters', She ordered the confiscation of the Spear of Gungnir from the Andlang Citadel and had her cultists assemble at the Temple Prime. [2]


The High Priestess's clothing prior to the Great Race War consisted of a similar cloak and cowl than her cultists. Instead of purple, the set was coloured in stark colours of black and white. The mostly distinguishing features were the layers of bandages around her body, with only a her left eye and snout being visible. The sole visible eye was glowing dimly green and had an unsual purple iris. The iris seemed to be wreathed in similarly purple flame. [3]

Personality & Abilities

The High Priestess has a loathing, almost clinical personality. This is evident by how she treats the other Crystal Guard cultists, calling them 'despised replications', indicating a dismissive connection to her clones. [4]


Crystal Guard Cultists.

As noted above, the High Priestess had a loathing stance towards the cultists, openly rejecting them. [5]


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