The Crystal Guard is a Thyran-wide religious cult, responsible for upholding the worship of the Aesir deities, Tsukiyomi, Kagutsuchi and Hoori. The Order is charged to perform various rites, soul consignments and public prayers. Aside the public ceremonial duties, the Guard hides their more secretive agenda from the world. Possessing an armed fleet of Temple Cruisers, the Crystal Guard's last call of action is to restore order to the world in the event of an uprising, at any cost. [1]

Government and Organization

The Crystal Guard is led by a individual known as the High Priestess. Most of the organization is made of purple-cloaked Cultists, that are fanatically loyal to the High Priestess and are armed with Plasma Staffs. [1]

The Great Race War

The Battle of Midgård

Attempting to stop the Feline uprising incited by the Matriarch, the Crystal Guard launched a desperate attack on Midgård at the beginning of the Great Race War between the Feline Matriarchate and the Canine Coalition. The Cultist and the Temple Cruisers caused great damage to the city, but the invaders were ultimately repelled. [2][3]



Aesir Chronicles FATES: Vol.1

Aesir Chronicles FATES: Vol.2


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