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Led by an individual named Odin, Canine Coalition is a rag-tag Rebel movement opposing the Feline Matriarchate. Outmatched in terms of firepower and expertise, the Canines resort to querilla tactics and numerical superiority to resist the Feline incursion. [1]

Great Race War

Early Resistance

Battle of Midgård

At the outbreak of the Great Race War, the Canines were largely overwhelmed when the Felines suddenly turned on them in a massive ambush. The attack, that resulted in many of the Canine-kind being captured or routed. Isolated strongpoints however, led by Artika Tempest-Fur managed to defend the vital hangar bays to the last moment, ensuring many more could regroup at the Spelheim Desert and escape further to Jotunheim. [2]

Goverment and Organization

Led by the strongest, the Canines are prone to infighting over the leadership of a particular cell and given an opportunity, over the entire Rebel Coalition. Thus, no centralized command structure existed at the beginning of the Conflict.

Science and technology

Outgunned without any measures of industry, the Canines scavenge and steal most of their technology, including their weapons from the field. At worst, they fight with makeshift axes made from debris. While living in Midgård, they had built a number of crude transport ships which were later used to escape the city. [2]


Coalition relies on the large reserve of untrained Rebels and made use of whatever weapons and equipment are currently available, often with as little as melee weapons and at best, top-of-the-line Feline Pulse Rifles. [2]

Society and Culture


Resource-stricken, the Canine Coalition Rebels prefer designs with brute functionality over the Felines' sweeping lines. [2]



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