Canines are a race of hardened nomadic survivors originating from the Eastern Realm of Jotunheim. Forced to leave their ancestral homeland to escape a terrible plague that ravaged the realm, the Canine-kind sought aid from the western realm of Vanaheim and her leading medical mind, Skuld. Given a portion of the great Feline city of Midgård as their new home, the race has since settled in as heavy industrial workers, hired repair crews and ultimately, on all sorts of ungainly tasks for their high-minded hosts. The Canines are not natural-borne soldiers and lacking know-how to produce advanced goods, are forced to resert in shoddy mass-production and endless numbers to combat the Matriarchate's technologically advanced professional military. [1]

Biology and Appearance

Canines are an intelligent race of bipedal humanoid beings. They come in two sexes, male and female. They have two arms and legs. Their arms end in a padded palm with five fingers including an opposable thumb. Claws are non-retractrable. The Canine's digitigrade legs end in five clawed toes. They have a tail, muzzle, and set of two eyes and ears. the Canines have a relatively long, protective fur.  Like Felines, they come in a several Breeds or "Strains" including Vul'pini and their desert variety Vul'fenne, heavily-built Mala'ni and the the most numerous Ly'cani, each with a slight difference both in biology and general appearance. In general appearance, the Canines are generally shorter and stockier than their sleek Feline breathren. [1]


Naturally adept engineers and due to their light build, nimble scouts. The Vul'pini act a form of a 'lone' specialists in the Canine Resistance.


The heavily-built Mala'ni are the physical power of the Canine resistance and thus able to carry extreme loadouts over long distances, rivaled only by the Feline's Sabre Strain in terms of raw, unadulterated strength.


The numerial rank-and-file of the Canine civilization, the 'Lyca comprise the backbone of their fghting forces. Being a natural "Pack Strain", the Ly'cani tend to get more aggressive and inventive when banded together but are substantially less troublesome in small groups, especially without a present leader. A leader, that the opportune Lyca'ni are known to happily change in a heartbeat.

Society and Culture

In a stark contrast to the Feline's Matriarchal technogracy, the Canines are ruled by the physically strongest. A claim that is often challenged at every opportunity, leading to the constant changes in the command hierarchy. Culturally, the values of cost-effective engineering and traditions are greatly empathized over quality. Unable to develop or maintain advanced technologies of their own, the Canines tend to make do what they have and opt to purchase more up-to-date designs from the Raven Syndicate Trade Guild. Unlike the Feline technologist, they have little access to precision-built prosthetics nor medical care and are often reduced to use cheap knock-offs, lest nothing at all. The worship of the old Aesir deities, especially Tsukiyomi, remain strong in the Canine ranks.



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