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The Brisinga Jungle is a distinct geological area, that is situated in the southernmost part of Vanaheim. It is the homeland, as well as the powerbase of the Cheetah-kind. Brisinga is bordering with the Jarnvidr Iron Woods in the east and the Fensalir Evermire in the southeast.[1]

Description (From the author)

Brisinga is a land of lush jungles, moss and overgrown vegetation. Unlike the eastern Jarnvidr Iron Woods, the Brisingan jungle-lands are mostly covered with sunlight. The only exception is the rain season. The local Cheetahs have adopted well into the local flora, seething it with unseen traps. Brisinga's terrain also makes it an ardent training ground for the keen Cheetah snipers, scouts and observers.