Battle of Midgård, also known as the Siege of Midgård was a major battle of the Great Race War. It was fought between the emerging armed forces of the Feline Matriarchate known as the Matriarchate Civil Forces and the early rebels of the Canine Coalition. It was considered a major victory to the Feline race, resulting in the rout of the Canine populace from the city of Midgård, which they once called home.

The battle consisted both the Crystal Guard invasion of the city and the Canine evacuation from it, both of which the Matriarchate was able to bring to a halt. Crystal Guard's aim was to capture the Matriarch and subdue all renegade factions. Canines, now equally free from the Aesir rule sought to escape and start a new life elsewhere, while the Matriarchate sought to prevent both of their objectives.

The Crystal Guard strike force consisted of the wing of armed Temple Cruisers and Cultists. While initially outmatched, the Feline loyalists received support from an unidentified Saurian mercenary pilot and were able to arm civilian vehicles with Pulse Cannons to produce an improvised fighter craft to even the odds. Despite the best efforts of the Canine resistance, Midgård was firmly in the Matriarchate's control by the time of the dawn.[1]


Immediately prior to the Battle, the Matriarch summoned her Crest and other Thyran leaders to an urgent diplomatic reception. During her speech, the Feline leader, through unknown means set both the Feline-, and Canine-kind free from the Aesir rule. The Crystal Guard, shocked on her act of defiance sent a last resort strike force to subdue the two kinds into submission by force.

The Battle

Canine round-up

Having activated the hidden weapon caches filled with secretly-built weapons, such as tge MAR-A2 Pulse Rifle, the Matriarch begun to direct her assets to process and capture the still-disorganized Canines. Soon, the word of the attack reached to the Canine Sector on the outskirts of the city. The general panic ensued and the Canines begun to evacuate the city en-masse. At first, the Felines were unable to stop the transports due to the lack of armed aircraft and the evacuation appeared to run on its course. The Felines however were not to be deterred, Installing captured Pulse weaponry on the swift civilian air vehicles. The created technicals proved to be surprisingly effective and begun to shoot down the escape transports with increasing efficiency.[2]

Crystal Guard intervention

Reacting on the events, the Crystal Guard Temple Cruisers arrived on the scene to subdue the uprising. They began to bombard the city, turning the simple containment operation into a three-way war. Anticipating the intervention, the Matriarch had sent out a call for any independent Saurian contractors for hire to join the fight. An unidentified Ibis Mercenary answered the call and quickly proved by shooting down several transports in a quick succession. Prototype MUUPA- attack drones secretly developed by Skuld were also unleashed on the city, creating additional havoc. Crystal Guard Cultists also engaged the faction of armed felines near the Andlang Citadel.[1] [2]

Feline victory

At that point, the surviving Canines had begun to organize a resistance and band together, even as their leader Odin left the city. [2] Assuming command, a young maintenance worker named Artika Tempest-Fur rallied his kin and using some of the “procured” Feline weapons were able to escape to the city’s Canine enclave. Establishing an underground command post to coordinate the evacuation efforts, the resistance fighters were able to foray a feline-held hospital and recover more survivors, albeit heavily traumatized.[2] At this point, the make-shift Canine barricades around the command post had begun to collapse. The command was soon attacked by the “Fireteam Scar” of the Feline special forces unit Valkyrie.[2] Escaping aboard the last Transport, the vessel was shot down and its passengers taken prisoners by Skuld Volusia, who had entered the battlefield personally. The capture of the resistance command staff led to a loss of communication and coordination, resulting in the remaining Canines to surrender shortly thereafter.


The aftermath of the battle, while a clear Feline military victory, allowed a substantial numbers of the Canine populace to escape the city. The Crystal Guard suffered a devastating loss with nearly an entire strike force lost to the surprisingly adaptive Matriarchate counter-offensive. The city of Midgard suffered extensive damage to due to the Temple Cruiser’s bombardment and necessitated an extensive renovation. This further delayed the Matriarchate’s military ambitions, buying the Canines time to re-group. Looking for Feline survivors amid the ruins, Skuld finds the orphaned Zisa Arceth-Saberion and takes the young sabertooth as her apprentice as well as an adoptive daughter.[3]


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