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Artika Tempest-Fur or Arti for short, is a Canine Resistance leader active during the Battle of Midgård. He is a playable character in the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game)


At the outbreak of the Great Race War, Artika became the first canine to take up arms against the felines and led many of his kin to escape the city.In the waning hours of the Battle, Artika met Meru and convinced the young saurian prince to accompany him aboard the last canine transport. The transport is shot down by hostile aircraft and Artika is later captured by the feline militia.[1]


Pre- Great Race War

Artika was part of a maintenance crew and worked on the Midgård sewers at some point prior to the war. [2]

Great Race War

Battle of Midgård

Artika fell unconscious while working on a feline skycraper and was later rescued by a co-worker, Tier. The two managed to locate a group of canine survivors and convinced them to form an armed resistance group. Artika led the survivors into the local canine enclave through the sewers and assumed a local command at the absence of the true canine leader, Odin. Determined to save more of his people and hold off the feline siege as long as possible, he organized at least one group, dubbed "Squad One" to head back to the surface to save more canid captives. Eventually, the feline civil foces invaded the remaining rebel holdouts and Artika's escape transport was shot down above the city. He was taken prisoner soon thereafter, and forced to partake to the Breakout- tournament in exchange of his freedom afterwards. [3]

Breakout Games

Now imprisoned, Artika is approarched by Director Skuld Volusia and offered a chance to return to the war, in exchange of participating to the Breakout program.[4]


Artika is white-, roughly furred canine, with a left ear clipped at its tip. His eyes are light blue. Attire- wise, he wears a sleeveless, black bodysuit and matching gloves. Over the bodysuit, he has an armoured vest, kneepads and hardened kilt. At his left, he carries a weapon holster for a sidearm.[5]

Personality & Abilities

Level- headed and brave to lead the early canine resistance group against the heavily-armed feline militia. In doing so, Artika decided to remain behind and escort as many of his kind to safety as possible. He carries a grudge against the Matriarch for making the felines turn against their formed allies, nearly losing his cool when asked of it by Meru. He is however, quick enough to cool down and to offer him a chance to escape aboard the canine transport and drop him off at their rallying point at the Spelheim desert [6]


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