Andlang Citadel is the Matriarch's residence and the center of the ruling Feline Matriarchate. Citadel is located at the highest tip of Midgård and serves as the vantage point over the rest of the city as its most famous landmark.[1]

Description (From the Author)

Andlang is the tallest building of Midgård and indeed that of all Thyra, towering 960m in height. Exterior is composed of three adjacent monolithic towers with central structure being the main spire and two others support it at the height of roughtly 350m. Interior-wise, Andlang's internal areas hold grand receptions and public services, such as the famous medical facility "Volusia Genecare", while concealing many of the Matriarchate's vital secrets, including the private research laboratory of the Director Skuld Volusia. The laboratory is also the site of the weekly Breakout- live survival game broadcasts and is the location of the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game).[1]


The Great Race War

Battle of Midgård

Citadel's ground the were the site of battle between a faction of an armed Matriarchate loyalists and Crystal Guard cultists.


Andlang is mostly populated by Feline Matriachate's elite officials and their priviledged personal staff.


Matriarch's appartment

Andlang houses the residence of the Matriarchate's leader, the Matriarch.

Skuld's Research Facility

Skuld's private research facility is located deep at the bowels of the Andlang's underground sublevels. It is also the site of the weekly "Breakout" live survival games.[2]


Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol.1 Meru


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