Aesir Chronicles FATES is a Aesir Chronicles minicomic series written and drawn by Tuomo Paavola. The series is initially planned to encompass four volumes to market the Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT (video game) mobile game currently under development by the Stormtale Creations Ltd. The story centers on the main characters of the Aesir Chronicles Breakout, with each volume focusing on one main character leading to the events of the game. [1]


Aesir Chronicles: FATES Vol.1 Meru

Volume 1 follows the journey of the Saurian Crown prince Meru. Sent by his mother, Queen Qetesh to a suspicious diplomatic mission to the feline realm of Vanaheim, he becomes instead entangled to the political powerplay of the Great Race War as well as a reluctant player in the Feline Matriarchate-sponsored BREAKOUT games.[2]

Aesir Chronícles: FATES Vol.2 Artika

Volume 2 details the whereabouts of the canine worked-turned resistance fighter Artika Tempest-Fur, immediately after the outbreak of the Great Race War. Followed by his compatriot, Tier, Artika must rally his scattered kin and convince them to take up arms against a sudden and overpowering feline ambush. [3]

Aesir Chronicles: FATES Vol.3 Rixli

TBA - Semptember 2019

Aesir Chronicles FATES Vol.4 Tatl

TBA - December 2019


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