Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT is a multi-platform turn-based tactical game currently under development by the Stormtale Creations Ltd. Featuring strong emphasis on multi-player, the players are set on a board-like arena and attempt to trap an opponent by locking/unlocking doors and using explosives. [1]


It is time of the Great Race War! The Feline Matriarchate has suddenly turned on their former Canine allies in an effort to establish new Feline-run world order. Captured by the Matriarchate, the Aesir Chronicles BREAKOUT takes the players deep into the depths of the Feline Director Skuld Volusia’s private research facility and tasks them to escape the forboding medical complex in a game of live “Breakout” broadcast. [1]


The game development was officially announced in July 12, 2018. [2]


Inspired by Asian Go, the games features a 10-tier ladder system, random 3-D game arenas, changing rules, lobby system and is free-to-play. Standard player abilities include the ability to lock/unlock doors or use explosive to destroy them permanently. Each of the playable characters also have access to their own unique special ability, such as Prince Meru's Dash that lets him to speed across several rooms in one turn, or Tatl who uses Cloak to conceal his movement from the opponents.


The Aesir Chronicles: BREAKOUT is scheduled to be released in 2019.


The game is marketed with series of four Aesir Chronicles: FATES minicomics which detail the background stories of the game's main characters prior to the events of the Breakout-series.


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